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ObjectivePixel’s mission is to build beautiful, socially-enabled apps for exciting device and cloud platforms such as Windows Phone, Surface and Facebook. We love our users and strive to give them experiences they will love in return.

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BringCast.  Modern podcasting

BringCast was the original podcasting client on Windows Phone, the first that offered over-the-air downloads, and is the first to focus on the playback experience. We continue to actively improve, polish and enhance BringCast and have lots more planned to delight our users. This is just the beginning!



It has been a while since we mentioned BringCast on AAWP, but I’ve been keeping a very close eye on the podcatchers scene in terms of developers bringing forward old Windows 8.1 applications into 2016 and in full UWP app guise, ready for optimised use on Windows 10 Mobile, Continuum and beyond. And, with last night’s beta, I think the time has come to recommend BringCast, joining Grover Pro in the top tier.
— All About Windows Phone


Our focus is on creating apps that people love to use.  Functionality, design are the key tenants.

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